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Charlie Saunders – Robot King – Part 1 – July 31st, 2256 – College City, Oklahoma – Dome Runner

I flounce through the front gate of my compound, across the Robot King parking lot and through the glass double doors leading into the electronics store. My ears ring. My head aches. Sharp pain flows through my left leg with each step, where a Scrapper got me good with a baseball bat.   Eight combat bots, […]

Rachel Wells – Super Monster Cards – Part 1 – June 23rd, 2256 – Carter, Arkansas – Dome Runner

Billy Radcheck draws “Death Vortex,” and destroys the Wood Elf Warriors on my side of the table, clearing the way for his zombies to attack me directly, knocking my health points down to zero and eliminating me from my tenth Super Battle Monsters tournament.  “Maybe next time, Rachel,” says Billy. My eye twitches and I […]

Fanny Belle – Chef’s Dream – Part 1 – January 3rd, 2256 – Cyprus, Kansas- Dome Runner

Glass crunches under my black and white sneakers. I look down and see the worn label of “Sippy’s Cola” bandaging the glass shards of a crushed soda bottle. I turn to face him. The light of the midday sun highlights his curly red hair, which is extra bushy in the dry January air. He’s pointing to […]