Gold Coin Adventure – Module – Issue #1 – Girl with the Golden Bracelet – Lv 4


A digital adventure one-shot for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.


A Golden Coin Adventure is a PDF of an adventure module for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. These modules are meant to be played in one session and can easily be implemented into an existing campaign. Purchasing a Golden Coin Adventure supports our work in a huge way and keeps this boat afloat. Try one today!

Adventure Length: 4 pages

Level Requirement: 3-4 Level 4 PCs

Plot Summary. The PCs receive a tip from a trusted friend about a job. They would take it themselves, but they’re already busy. A woman named Aunt Crissy needs someone to investigate and remove whatever is making the strange noise in her basement, as it is driving her crazy. She is offering 2000 gold pieces to clear whatever is making the noise. The characters should meet Aunt Crissy at her residence outside of town and discuss any additional details. The address of her house is included in the letter. 

Dungeon Master Plot Summary. The PCs will think that this “Aunt Crissy” is the person supplying the job, but it is in fact a Green Hag that is disguised as a little girl named Sadie Green. When the PCs arrive, the hag disguised as Sadie Green will tell the party that she is the one who wrote the letter, saying that she had to disguise her identity as a little girl living alone, else nobody would accept a job that pays this much from a child.

After the PCs accept the task, the hag will show them the source of the noise, some Wererats in a large stone room under the basement. When they are in the room, the hag will try to trap and kill the PCs, revealing her true identity as a Green Hag and her motivation of eating the PCs and selling their gear. 

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